The service we deliver at Living Prospect Real Estate differs on a fundamental level from traditional real estate procedure - we offer an experience.

Boutique agencies are high service firms that have historically outperformed large real estate companies because we guarantee our clients on service, quality and building valuable relationships. Understanding the needs of our clients whether you are selling, buying, leasing or renting your needs is our first priority. We are committed to working closely with like-minded service providers who offer the same moral standards as our team, including conveyancers, mortgage brokers, removal specialists, stylist, maintenance providers, landscapers and other industry specialist.

The service we offer is genuine, collaborative and sets a premium benchmark. You can rest assured knowing that your agent, and the whole team, is working hard to achieve your goals.

Our refined number of properties and clientele allow us to provide a meaningful experience tailored to your needs. This fosters a calm process and maximum results.

We take pride in building genuine relationships with our clients. We believe that every property journey has prosperity and the opportunity to harness a relationship that will last longer than any transaction.


The Living Prospect Story – Our LOGO

The Living Prospect logo is filled with a magnitude of meaning and it is the foundation of our brand and business.

1. Our logo represents sisterhood and the courage that our director's sister, Stephanie, showed through her battle with brain cancer. Sadly, Stephanie passed away and so her memory remains in our logo.

2. Family values are key to our company. The logo again represents family with the 3 branches representing our director's 3 sons Ethan, Owen & Aiden, while the trunk represents her daughter, Ilana.

3. Faith is an important foundation to our director. Our logo thereby holds a third meaning and that is in its representation of the Father, the Son & the Holy spirit. Our values and transparency are the core of our company.